Reach the coast

by The Phonerings

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Released as a split CD with Novi Sad pop punk masters, Shoplifters.


released November 21, 2009

Recorded at Socijala studios, summer 2006. Produced by Pedericco Rashiid.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Phonerings Central Serbia, Serbia

~ Periods of time when you think you hear the phone ringing, and your heart/bed shakes.

~ A post-hardcore quartet outta Belgrade.

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Track Name: Rocks
ROCKS (Taske)
Here I am alone again
Looking for sweet rocks all day
You've sent me here
You just said 'go!'

You've sent me to rocks
And every rock is kicking me in the head
Reminding me..
Beautiful is this town of stones!

While the sun is blinding me
Decaying pictures into thin golden lines
I caught myself wondering
If I could only write the most beautiful song to you
Track Name: Sarah's slowly killing herself

You told me of the others mistake
Confidence left in the one whom you would use
Now you're satisfied with choices made with style and boose
But I'm not phased by well-packaged frosted flakes

Thought it was 'core to get retarded
But when it came down to nothing
You're too scared to be open-hearted

Tattoos and body parts aren't making up for passion, love
The mistake was thinking fashion still holds shock value

But I never felt you like a glove
It's too shallow.
Track Name: Whiskey and cheese
A glance in the eyes
A beautiful, sparkling
poison in her smiles

I died but my feelings still remained
untouched by time awaken by the daylight
the sun I cannot face, the sky won't take my soul to rest

Now I'm scared
hiding scared
Long arms of yesterday are grasping for me
in the alleyways of dreams the Moon is haunting me

Nothing's sacred

Now I don't remember any of her names
but I can still feel every single one of her shapes
hey, come over, take wooden stick in hands
and free my heart of all the lights and shades,
useless love and rage, of this empty human cage

I died but my feelings still remained
untouched by time awaken by the daylight
the sun I cannot face, the sky won't take my soul to rest

So strange, strange is the heart
why won't it die to?
Track Name: Almost
Out there are a million things waiting to be done
(but) as the sun goes down we find ourselves again (together) on the run
I know this time it's you the one who wants to stop the time
So does it really bore when I stare at you and (just) smile?

On the way home: they are sleeping, all the lights are out
(and) I can't stop myself thinking that we are what their dreams
are about

Hey it's just one ring and I am at the door

"Air is filled with love and romance
listen to the music and start to dance"
Track Name: Oranges
ORANGES (dusan)
We tasted wild oranges
sitting beneath the sun
We could stay there till same time tomorrow
without losing that perfect taste in the month
Should I say 'thank you'?
Should I say 'you are the best person I've ever met'?

Beauty in the air
your wild oranges

Everywhere, in every time,
in every place, forever.
Track Name: Nighttrains
There are widest streets to run or wander
In your heart, magic angel

I've been hit by this night train of thoughts...
every word you said
and every smile you had
every eye-blink
Every footstep of your soul

These nighttrains rolling their wheels over me
Track Name: Put aside
I put myself aside
Of course it bites me
Every time that you’re around
I put myself aside

And maybe I don’t know you
Maybe I’m not the one baby
I want to show you
But I put myself aside

Still I’m on the water
Still not ready to drown
If there’s something in there
I’m going to lose what I wanted to find